Your Online Experience 

Here’s what to expect from your virtual experience…

The Virtual Platform

We are excited to announce that we have found an excellent virtual meeting platform (OnAir) and are working to ensure virtual delegates can get the most out of their experience at APAA 2021.

The platform will be available to all virtual and face-to-face registrants, allowing for the online and physical components of the conference to be seamlessly intertwined. Access to the platform will be available prior to the meeting for delegates to familiarise themselves in preparation for the Meeting. There will be opportunities for delegates to engage with each other throughout the Meeting; although this will need to be negotiated by delegates in different time zones.

Some of the exciting features you will be able to use via the virtual platform include:

  • The Meeting Hub: Enjoy enhanced online networking opportunities and engage with colleagues around the globe.
  • Q&A and Polling Functionality: Have your say! Fill out the prompted surveys and participate in the sessions live through Q&A and polls.
  • Downloadable resources: Make the most of your meeting visit by accessing the content on the platform for 1 month post Meeting, as well as being able to download innovative and exciting new research resources.

Check out the below video for a glimpse of your virtual experience!

Access to the platform will be available prior to the Meeting for delegates to familiarise themselves with the system. There will be opportunities for delegates to engage with each other throughout the Meeting via the Meeting Hub. The platform will remain live for 1 month so delegates can review all the content and make the most of their registration.

Interaction with other delegates prior to and during the Meeting can be via chat or video conferencing on the virtual platform, allowing you to create new connections and catch up with old ones.

The user-friendly main timeline (program) page that all attendees will utilise to enter sessions.

Real time interaction via the Meeting Hub allows one-on-one or group meetings with other attendees.

The Meeting platform is OnAIR. You may use the event platform on both desktop or tablet. We recommend using Google Chrome to access the platform. For Google Chrome download and install instructions, please click here.

Make sure you log in early to update your profile, camera and microphone settings to get the most out of your networking.

Step 1: You will receive an email closer to the meeting with a link to the portal.

Step 2: You will then be asked to sign in, please do so by using your email address and pin sent to you via email.

Step 3: Accept the Privacy Terms, update your profile and select your time zone for your Program Schedule to update automatically.

If you need to update any profile, camera or microphone settings, please click on your initials on the top right-hand side and select edit settings

If the platform is being blocked by your organisation pass on the below information to your IT team:

Make sure that port 443 traffic is enabled, however enabling UDP 3478 and optionally range UDP 1025-65535 can also help.

Also make sure to whitelist the domains:

  • *
  • *

Do not forget that some antivirus software will interfere with the operation of OnAir/AirCast as well.

You can find more specific information here:

Restricted Network Guidelines | Vonage Video API Developer (

To access the Meeting platform, use the email you registered with. If you do not recall the email you registered with or would like to update your email, contact